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Daily Prompt: Maddening

An adjective assigned to life occurrences that generate disequilibrium in one’s state of being.  This can be a minor occurrence, along the lines of loosing the cap for the toothpaste. It can be a mid-range occurrence along the lines of putting the cell phone in the washing machine. The term can never be applied to a catastrophic event along the lines of a tornado ripping up your home.  Survival crises puts one beyond the reach of maddening. Oddly enough, fifteen minutes of silence, or that rare hour when everything is easy can be maddening for those rare birds who reside most of the time in crazy town.



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Daily Prompt: Conundrum

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

What a word this word is: con-un-drum. How on earth did this word come be?

Thanks to the internet, I went straight to the Online Etymology Dictionary and discovered the following:

1590’s Oxford slang for “pedant” and also “whim”. Two hundred years later, it mutated into meaning “riddle, or puzzle.” The dictionary proceeds to comment ” the sort of pseudo-latin word that was the height of humor in learned circles.”

See! I told you the word was outlandish.  Conundrum is word made up by a bunch of drunks in a pub.

Daily Prompt: Flee

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Before discussing my vision of “flee,” I apologize to myself for allowing this blog to lie fallow for so long. HOWEVER, I vindicate myself for devoting all my writing time to NaNoWriMo!  It was through somebody’s blog that I discovered this engaging organization. I immediately signed up and started writing a 50,000 word novel. No, I failed to finish, but I learned so much and I am eager for 2107 NaNoWriMo to roll around.

Flee is a verb of self preservation, best defined as moving away from an untenable situation as quickly as possible by any means available.

Daily Prompt: Filthy

Filthy is one of the F words. However, it is acceptable to use in mixed company, and in G rated movies because it has six letters. Filthy is ambiguous. You can use it in a positive sense “I have been working in the garden, and got filthy.” That is good because you were productive. On the other hand “The kitchen is filthy” is bad because someone has been non-productive and too lazy to clean up.

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Daily Prompt: Tart

Wow! What a word this turned out to be. Same word with three different meanings; each derived from a different source, according to the Dictionary of Etymology.

First it means sharply sour as the taste of lemons are tart.

Second it means a small pastry, filled with fruit or custard. You can combine meanings one and two and have a tart tart as in lemon tart.

Third meaning is a woman (perhaps these days a man or a transexual) of easy virtue. Get this, in Victorian days it was used as a term of endearment. As such it could be a derivative of the term “sweetheart.”

Combine the three meanings and you have the tart’s tart tart. Grammar checker is having kittens with that one. Red lines everywhere.






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Daily Prompt: Fish

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A water living, water loving critter, with gills, fins, and scales. Some varieties are considered by many as edible when cooked with butter and accompanied by parsley and lemon. Eating blowfish is a form of Russian Roulette for those who abhor guns. That’s it on fish.

Daily Prompt: Primp

Primp:  five letter word traditionally used as an umbrella term covering the one hundred and one minute activities undertaken by young married ladies of the Regency period when preparing for an assignation with lover. Ninety-five of said activities are conducted in front of a mirror.  However, in modern usage, primp is used as an umbrella term covering the six minute activities undertaken by women well beyond “a certain age” when preparing to show their face out of doors. None of said activities are conducted in front of a mirror.

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Daily Prompt: Irksome

Irksome: a person, a place, a thing, an event or a combination of all things that put some irk into a day. Irk is a something small that annoys, depletes, or in general takes the fizz out of the tonic water when you are all set for a really good gin and tonic. If you have experience the irksome, you don’t need examples.  If you have never experienced the irksome, I have nothing to say to you and I never will.


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Daily Prompt: Sincere

via Daily Prompt: Sincere

Don’t you love digging and delving into the origin of word? Probably not. Sincerely NOT. However, the online Etymology Dictionary tells me that sincere is from the Middle French sincere that is in turn derived from the Latin sincerus:  whole, clean, pure, unmixed. This is neither the first word, or the last word that I would use to describe those among using running for political office from President to dog catcher.


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