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via Daily Prompt: Desire


Desire: Something that I really want to have that I have decided that I cannot have.  If there is something that I want that falls within the self-drawn circle of things that I can have, it is not a desire.  Surprise! this turned out to be a light-bulb moment. Who made the determination of what I can or cannot have?



via Daily Prompt: Infinite

The line between the ground and horizon standing on open prairie land in the summertime. Also the point at which my brain fails to wrap itself around a concept i.e. time as a fourth dimension, the number of galaxies in the Universe.

Fluff about Float

via Daily Prompt: Float

How many people out there in blogger land caught that lovely, lyrical film “Still Breathing?” Offbeat little story that heads my list of great romantic films. Its soundtrack sits in the top three all time great soundtrack..  Here’s the point. This film ends with the all time great float scene. Two people, each on a rubber raft (actually one may have been on an inner tube) lazily floating down a river.

That being said, here’s the gritty side of float. Float also means filing down a horse’s teeth. If you hear someone say, I’ve got to float the horse, it doesn’t mean throwing the horse in the pond.


Daily Prompt: Relax

The mask I present to the world is bland and calm. My shoulders tell a different story; they are tensed into concrete. Relax is a difficult verb for me; it makes me so tense trying to relax. But, but. . .I discovered something

This requires a story-lette. I had to drive fast to be on time for a doctor’s appointment. The practitioner pumped up the pressure cuff. My blood pressure was 135/85. The practitioner, who was maybe 15, chirps at me “go to your happy place” and WE will try it again. I don’t have a happy place, but I conjured up one. It had a beach, and a horse.. The pressure cuff is pumped again. By golly the pressure reading was 117/60.  Maybe this relax business all starts in the mind.

via Daily Prompt: Relax

Daily Prompt: Moody

Moody is the way I’ve been feeling since 10 A.M. this morning. I made the mistake of revisiting a Trader Joe’s green shopping bag full of old photographs. Some date from 1914, when my mother was born. The latest dates from 1990.That walk down memory lane evoked a type of  nostalgia that produces pain instead of pleasure. Five hours later, and I am still cloaked in melancholy.   Daily Prompt: Moody

Daily Prompt: Maddening

An adjective assigned to life occurrences that generate disequilibrium in one’s state of being.  This can be a minor occurrence, along the lines of loosing the cap for the toothpaste. It can be a mid-range occurrence along the lines of putting the cell phone in the washing machine. The term can never be applied to a catastrophic event along the lines of a tornado ripping up your home.  Survival crises puts one beyond the reach of maddening. Oddly enough, fifteen minutes of silence, or that rare hour when everything is easy can be maddening for those rare birds who reside most of the time in crazy town.



via Daily Prompt: Maddening

Daily Prompt: Conundrum

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

What a word this word is: con-un-drum. How on earth did this word come be?

Thanks to the internet, I went straight to the Online Etymology Dictionary and discovered the following:

1590’s Oxford slang for “pedant” and also “whim”. Two hundred years later, it mutated into meaning “riddle, or puzzle.” The dictionary proceeds to comment ” the sort of pseudo-latin word that was the height of humor in learned circles.”

See! I told you the word was outlandish.  Conundrum is word made up by a bunch of drunks in a pub.

Daily Prompt: Flee

via Daily Prompt: Flee

Before discussing my vision of “flee,” I apologize to myself for allowing this blog to lie fallow for so long. HOWEVER, I vindicate myself for devoting all my writing time to NaNoWriMo!  It was through somebody’s blog that I discovered this engaging organization. I immediately signed up and started writing a 50,000 word novel. No, I failed to finish, but I learned so much and I am eager for 2107 NaNoWriMo to roll around.

Flee is a verb of self preservation, best defined as moving away from an untenable situation as quickly as possible by any means available.

Daily Prompt: Filthy

Filthy is one of the F words. However, it is acceptable to use in mixed company, and in G rated movies because it has six letters. Filthy is ambiguous. You can use it in a positive sense “I have been working in the garden, and got filthy.” That is good because you were productive. On the other hand “The kitchen is filthy” is bad because someone has been non-productive and too lazy to clean up.

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

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