Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

Call me Ishmael! Nope. Melville did that already.

Start again.  Call me Janssen. Over the years I’ve blogged intermittently and randomly. Because I really like technology and I really like WordPress. In fact, I have three blogs: each fulfilling a different purpose.

Lately, I am more serious about blogging with consistency and organization. I make a concerted effort to post at least once a week in each of them.  This blog exists as a space where I can improve my blogging both in terms of technology and content. I will use this space for lessons, for practicing tips and techniques, and for posting the white elephant stuff that just doesn’t fit in any other room.

Today I am restarting Blogging 101, the course provided by WordPress folks for newbies, and for novices who want to improve both content and technique.