Daily Prompt: Waiting

  1. “Waiting for Godot” (courtesy of Samual Beckett) an enigmatic play.
  2. Waiting for the next train after I missed one by one second.
  3. Waiting in line which I quite like because I can listen to a recorded book without interruption.
  4. Waiting for a parent to take that last breath.
  5. Waiting for inspiration.
  6. Waiting for the child to dress
  7. Waiting for the birth of a baby
  8. Waiting all alone by the telephone for HIM or HER to call.
  9. Waiting for the right wave.

Waiting comes in two flavors: killing time, and right timing.

Killing time feels as if I am parked in stasis.

Right timing is focusing thought and energy while restraining action until the action aligns with the purpose.

Daily Prompt